Delivery terms

  1. We deliver the equipment and spare parts within 2-4 weeks from receipt of the order or within the period determined by the ordering company.
  2. We deliver the equipment free of charge (loco Customer).
  3. You may assess the operation performance of our equipment free of charge during 30 days’ tests.*
  4. The equipment assembly may be supervised by the manufacturer.
  5. We grant 24 months’ warranty and post-warranty service.


* Equipment tests – terms and conditions of leasing equipment for test period

  • We lease our equipment for a maximum test period of 30 days (or longer in exceptional cases) to present its operation and operation performance to the testing company which intends to purchase it.
  • The equipment should have better operation performance  than the equipment used by the testing company. This better operation performance is deemed to be the compliance of the test conditions.
  • During the tests the equipment remains the property of the lessor.
  • The equipment is provided for tests within periods agreed by the parties.
  • The tested equipment is assembled (and disassembled) free of charge in cooperation with the testing company’s employees.
  • On positive completion of the tests, the testing company shall purchase the tested equipment.

The aforesaid delivery terms apply to belt conveyor equipment (basic offer).