In 2000 we commenced to manufacture specialist conveyor equipment. Our aim was to prove that a family-oriented company would be able to manufacture equipment not worse than foreign constructions. Since then we have been focusing on manufacturing, selling, maintaining, testing and implementing new solutions.

1 January 2006, the NITROLL civil-law partnership was transformed into the NITROLL Tomasz Link sole-proprietorship.

We aim at rendering the best and comprehensive services to our Customers. We are always at your disposal and offer you technical consultancy. We have a flexible approach to financial issues pertaining to your needs. We are a company that supports and values the development of Polish ideas and technologies and our products are based on Polish technological ideas and manufactured in Poland in whole. NITROLL is a company with 100% Polish capital. We use are own financial resources to finance our business activity and development. By manufacturing the equipment according to our own documentation and our reliable technology, we try to strengthen the Polish economy.

We are proud that after many years of research and tests in the most severe conditions, we can offer our Customers the proven and reliable equipment tailored to the payment conditions of Polish customers.

Considering the comprehensiveness of our services, our basic range of products has been extended by conveyor belts (Matador).

Our passion is to construct the best and most effective equipment supporting conveyors.

Our equipment is used to improve transport economics through increasing the reliability, reducing the energy consumption, limiting the number of operators and enhancing safety in the work station (controllers only conduct periodical inspections of the equipment).

Most of the NITROLL equipment is available in 2 versions: “Prestige” (technically complex, very precise and highly effective, no adjustment is needed, more expensive) and “Economic” (simplified construction, precise, effective, periodical adjustment, less expensive).

The NITROLL equipment has the following features:

  • very high effectiveness
  • reliability
  • simplicity of assembly
  • comprehensiveness (components mounted to conveyor routes are moved apart with telescopes)
  • compact design
  • in scrapers –precisely adjusted pressure force to the belt, independent scrapers and easy replacement

All for Customers’ convenience and satisfaction

To select relevant equipment supporting the operation of the belt conveyor and its required quantity, we consider a vast number of technical parameters, working conditions and equipment development options. Subsequently, we execute a comprehensive technical and commercial offer (including DWG drawings, if needed to be included in the technical design) on the basis of the Customer’s information on its conveyor operation problems and the relevant documentation or conveyor measurements.

Based on the experience acquired in companies using the NITROLL  equipment, we attempt to continuously improve our structures as our success is measured by the our Customers’ full satisfaction.

We have all the necessary spare and wear parts (e.g. scrapers) and our service provides professional assistance during the equipment assembly.

We would appreciate your comments on all the aspects of our business. We welcome suggestions concerning technical problems to be jointly solved.    

NITROLL’s  true value lies in its committed and very resourceful employees. I am proud that I can work with them for you.


Best regards

Tomasz Link